Art and Technology Residence Programme Artists Announced

Art and Technology Residence Programme Artists Announced

The Connect for Creativity project, which is led by the British Council, with Atölye from Turkey and in a collaboration between Abdullah Gul University, Bios and Nova Iskra from Serbia, unveiled artists of the ‘Art and Technology Residence’ part of the project in Athens, Belgrade and Istanbul.  The residencies will be held simultaneously from 7 October to 16 November 2019.


The aim of the project is to build a network of creative platforms and communities in Europe, thus promoting creative exploration and collaboration opportunities that will contribute to the creation of a more harmonious, open and docked civil society.


The Art and Technology Residence Programme will connect artists from Turkey, the United Kingdom, Greece, and Serbia to create an international collaboration experience. The designers who will participate in the programme have been selected from different disciplines, including Architecture, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Design, Literature, Music, Audio and Video, Film and New Media.


The residency programme will be held simultaneously in Athens, Belgrade, and Istanbul, hosting a total of four artists, one in each of the participating countries and one in each city, thus supporting a total of 12 artists. During the six-week intensive programme, participants will develop projects on how a networked culture can foster fusion and facilitate the challenge of dealing with the uncertainty and change that dominates modern life.


More than 250 artists from different disciplines applied as a result of the Open Calls

The project team consisting of the British Council, Atölye, Nova Iskra and Bios evaluated more than 250 applications. The assessment team set up a pre-screening list for the project to be presented to ‘Furtherfield’, the curator team in the UK.12 artists and designers from this list of candidates for the four participating countries were then selected by Furtherfield.


12 artists will host creative platforms in Turkey, Greece, and Serbia

Here’s a list of artists who are eligible to join the residency programme for six weeks and the creative platforms that will host them:


The Atölye in Turkey, Istanbul;

Emmy Bacharach from the United Kingdom will host Turkey’s Görkem Acaroğlu, Greece’s Georgios Makkmuscular, and Serbia’s Katarina Popovic.


Greece, Athens-based Bios;

Tamara Kametani of the United Kingdom will host Turkey’s Rain Awakened, Greece’s Angelos Papadopoulos Papadopoulos and Serbia’s Mersid Ramilevic.


Serbia is Nova Iskra, located in Belgrade

UK resident Ioana Man will host Turkey’s Oğuz Emre Bal, Greece’s Theo Prodrororidis and Serbia’s Sanja Anelkovic.


Artists from different cities are encouraged to create and collaborate together

The aim of the residency programme is to create works of art which are rich in multi-dimensional and multimedia usage, inspired by techniques such as the ‘curator framework’, design research, human-focused design, and speculative design. They will be asked to create ideas such as how rapidly changing business and private life conditions in modern societies affect people’s hopes and fears, and how a networked culture can facilitate a the fusion, and deal with uncertainty and change. Participants are encouraged to support collaboration and team-building (both internally and inter-city).  This will then contribute towards Furtherfield’s curation, which will look to combine physical, digital and social layers.  The products of the residencies are likely to include video studies, 3D printing, mock-up, augmented reality, virtual reality, online artworks, performance, and participating protocols and temporary structures.


Selected studies will be on display at the Furtherfield art and technology centre in London

Designers who will join the residence programme will develop their work in response to the framework defined by the curator-side team, considering their own perspective and experience. The resulting work will meet artists at local exhibitions, which will start at the end of the project in each of the host cities and run for two weeks. Also, as part of the Connect for Creativity project, an exhibition will be held between March 12 and April 19, 2020, in Furtherfield, London’s longest-running centre of art and technology. Selected works by artists and designers who participate in the programme will be available to take part in the London closing exhibition.