The unique culture of the Danube river basin has been celebrated by cultural operators and public institutions for a number of years as ‘the Danube Weeks’.  These ‘Weeks’ have included various artistic activities across the countries of the Danube region. With this new project of the Hungarian Cultural Center, the scope of content and scale of the types of activities and geography of the ‘Danube Weeks’ will be expanded. With the participation of Turkey, as a country belonging to the historical and cultural sphere of the Danube Region, the ‘Danube’ cultural tradition will grow and strengthen.

Artists and professionals from art, literature and cultural institutions in Turkey and their counterparts in the Danube countries of the EU will find opportunities to meet and work together in collaborative actions.

The project kicks off with a series of activities to be organised under International İstanbul Literature Festival, during which the Danube impact on literature and culture will be discussed. Workshops on creative writing and reading will run at the Festival, with contributions from a range of artists from the Danube countries.

In honour of Europe Day on the 9th of May, the project will host various events and cultural performances, gastronomic presentations, and reading sessions in Istanbul.  All these activities will bring a little bit of Danube Culture and the Danube people to the city of İstanbul. Furthermore,  capacity building activities organized in Budapest, Bucharest and Istanbul will improve the operational as well as the theoretical and informational capacity of the cultural operators.

A major activity of the project is to be a ‘Road Show’ that will start in Ankara and continue through the Danube countries of Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and arrive in Brussels just before the closing event.



Diversity in Unity: Intercultural Dialogue Through the Waves of Danube


Hungarian Cultural Center


Turkey Europe Foundation

Kalem Culture Association


February 2019


18 Months


Bursa, Istanbul, Ankara, Mersin, Kayseri, Çorum, Trabzon, Izmir, Tekirdağ, Budapest, Győr, Sofia, Bucharest, Belgrade, Vienna, Brussels