Europe’s Neolithic Bridge: Documenting and Disseminating the Neolithic Heritage of Anatolia Project will contribute to the protection of cultural heritage across Europe and Anatolia, and increase awareness to the heritage and strengthen a sense of belonging through shared platforms.

Conferences and colloquiums planned for Sofia, Athens and İstanbul will bring together researchers from Europe and Turkey to share their experiences of study of the Neolithic Age with wider audiences.

One of the main activities of the project is a documentary film that will focus on Anatolian Neolithic heritage and its extension to Europe. It will include recording at main Neolithic sites in Turkey from Kırklareli to Batman, as well as coverage from a range of museums.  The filming will include interviews with local modern-day residents and professionals, such as local archaeologists. The documentary will be sub-titled in Turkish, French and English and will be disseminated to national, international and local TV stations, as well as broadcasting through internet portals.  Promotional clips of the documentary will also be used in a social media campaign and screened at international conferences.

In addition to premier screenings at the end of the project in cinemas in İstanbul, Ankara and Şanlıurfa, there will also be a photography exhibition displaying the project and the production process of the documentary film.



Europe’s Neolithic Bridge: Documenting and Disseminating the Neolithic Heritage of Anatolia


Institut Français d’Etudes Anatoliennes (IFEA) (French Institute for Anatolian Studies)


IMEÇE (Human, Space, Energy and Environment Association)

BABİL Association for Society, Culture, Arts & Documentary Film


February 2019


18 Months


Adıyaman, Ankara, Aksaray, Batman,  Burdur, Bursa, Çanakkale, Diyarbakır, İstanbul, İzmir, Kırklareli, Konya, Mersin, Muğla, Malatya, Mardin, Nevşehir, Niğde, Karaman, Siirt, Şanlıurfa, Sofia and Athens