Intercultural Dialogue Digital Training

Intercultural Dialogue Digital Training

17 trainers, 30 video presentations, publishing over 50, guides and works … All these are a part of digital training designed specifically for the Yunus Emre Institute who pioneered the execution of the EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue Program. Intercultural Dialogue digital training has been realized with the participation of the Institute’s headquarters in Ankara  and employees of cultural center  operating in European countries. With live sessions and 12 learning modules where the participants manage their own learning processes, these trainings offers the participants the chance to increase intercultural communication, develop their experience in the area of developing and managing different projects.

At the same time, this training aims to support the Institute to bring a new breath to its work in the cultural field and to integrate new ideas into the working dynamics. Yunus Emre Institute President Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş, in his speech, emphasized that we understand the importance of unity and solidarity better in this period we are passing through and that such projects bringing different cultures together gain more importance in terms of working and producing together.

Dr. Carla Figueira who was a lecturer at Goldsmiths Collega, London, and conducted large-scale cultural projects in Portugal, gave the first lecture in the opening program of the training, stated:

“Cultural diplomacy is increasing the means of facilitating activities that support the interaction between people of different cultural values, while also supporting the inclusion of non-state institutions and commercial structures in more intercultural dialogue.”

Yunus Emre Institute plays an important role in strengthening this dialogue with cultural centers spread around the world. Simon Forrester who is the leader of Technical Asistance Team (TAT) that supports the Yunus Emre Institute in the design and arrangement of the training, drew attention to that the cultural centres can produce projects that will bring together the business world and artists from creative industries in Turkey and Europe through developing cooperation with partners from different sectors.

In the second module of the online training, which will continue with different subjects and guests every week, the participants will come together with Cansu Ataman, the Connect for Creativity project manager, which was implemented by the British Council with the support of the EU-TR Intercultural Dialogue program. In this module, where participants will have the opportunity to examine different case studies in the field of intercultural dialogue, Ataman will also share his experience and good examples to develop meaningful and effective partnerships in the cultural sector.