İstanbul Hosts a Columbian Artist from Berlin

İstanbul Hosts a Columbian Artist from Berlin

İstanbul hosts a Columbian artist from Berlin

Berlin-based Colombian dancer and choreographer Lina Gómez has been attending the residency programme at İKSV Artist House as part of the Be Mobile Create Together Project.

Lina Gómez will choreograph an open rehearsal with students and vocal artists from Mimar Sinan University on December 2, 2019, at the Hasköy Yün İplik Fabrikası between 18.30-19.30.

For the past three months, Lina Gómez has been experimenting with the city of Istanbul, its context and its relationship to reflect it to her artistic work. This open rehearsal is, as such, an attempt to understand Istanbul’s spaces.

Be Mobile Create Together!, offers artists from Turkey, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Turkey the opportunity to be a guest at the prestigious art venues. The institutions run the project – thanks to their connections established between the visiting artists’ programme in Turkey and Europe – provides the ability to artists contribute to the local environment, in addition to creating an ideal environment for their individual work. The project, which aims to enable artists to share their talents and experiences and enrich their practices, offers residencies at traditional artist centres such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul, and Paris, as well as guest artist programmes in smaller cities for international collaborations.

Be Mobile Create Together!, beyond providing professional experience and unique opportunities for new artists, strengthens the intercultural relations between Europe and Turkey.