Online Gala by Moving Stones Project

Online Gala by Moving Stones Project

The premiere of the documentary titled Ancient Story of Anatolia, produced within the scope of the “Stones Are Moving Project” conducted by the French Institute of Anatolian Studies, took place online on September 15th.

Anatolian lands are rare geography with the richest cultural heritage in the world. These privileged lands, which contain the mysterious story of human history, are now preparing to open a new page. Studies that will prove that the Neolithic age, which constitutes one of the most important sections of history, started from Anatolia and spread to Europe is about to be completed.

European Neolithic Bridge: Moving Stones project which was launched in 2019 and supported by the EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue Program has recorded the Neolithic period heritage of Anatolia and visualized it with a series of documentaries. The Anatolian Neolithic World Cultural Heritage and Its Spread to Europe is a section of history that the scientific world has been trying to solve for many years. A turning point in human history. Researches that have gained momentum in the last two decades indicate that the Anatolian geography is the core region in shaping Neolithic life. The whole world of science now accepts that these lands have served as a bridge in the “Neolithization” of Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.

However, documenting this and bringing it to the world’s agenda is not yet complete. The project, which was implemented under the leadership of the French Institute of Anatolian Studies (IFEA), which carries out theoretical and practical studies with the Archeology Department within its body, is also created a documentary of the scientific journey together with its partners İMEÇE (Human, Space, Energy and Environment Association) and BABİL (Society, Culture, Art Studies, and Documentary Cinema Association).

The documentary, which was premiered online due to the epidemic, was produced by VTR production. Many experts in their fields also supported the documentary. While Prof. Dr. Mehmet Özdoğan, who is one of the leading archaeologists in their fields, was the general consultant to the documentary, Dr. Néhemié Strupler, and Martin Godon were involved in the process. On the other hand, Dr. Müge Durusu Tanrıöver and Dr. Semih Çelik also supported the process through the project advisory board.

At the premiere, which was held open to all world audiences on September 15, Bayram Balci from IFEA, Kumru Arapgirlioğlu from İMEÇE and Semih Çelik from BABİL conveyed their welcome messages to the audience with the moderation of Martin Godon.

Later at the gala, with the moderation of Müge Tanrıöver, documentary producers Enis Rıza and Nalan Sakızlı and expert archaeologist Dr. Eylem Özdoğan made a presentation of the work. Then the documentary met with the audience.