Participation Specifications

Social Distance Period

Regarding Intercultural Dialogue

Photos, Motto / Terse Words and Illustration Impressions


Participation Specifications

Subject of Impressions

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting people all around the world and transforming their daily routines. One of the big changes is undoubtedly related to the forms of communication and dialogue. In this period, as we maintain our social distance, online meetings are taking the place of the spaces where we used to come together to establish dialogue.  But we are finding new ways to continue to dialogue and share information. Even now we are getting used to online museums, online meetings with broad participation, online and public movie screenings, concerts and online opening of learning resources.  All these are actually facilitating more intercultural dialogue.

In order to draw attention to the intercultural dialogue established with social distance, the Intercultural Dialogue Programme is launching a small competition: ‘Photography, Slogan, and Illustration Impressions’ Contest.

Categories of Impressions

Impressions will be opened simultaneously in 3 (three) categories. Participants will be able to submit works to one or more categories at the same time. Participants can apply to each category with a maximum of 1 (one) work.

  1. Photo
  2. Slogan
  3. Illustration


Specifications for Sharing Impressions

  1. Anyone over the age of 18 can submit their “Photo, Slogan, and Illustration Impressions” works.
  2. Participants should go to the IMPRESSIONS area through the Intercultural Dialogue website, enter the required information such as name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, open address, and upload their work digitally after choosing which field to apply for by confirming the conditions of participation.
  3. Participants agree that the works they send are original and their own.
  4. Participants can apply to all three categories simultaneously.
  5. Participants can participate in each category with only one (1) photograph, one (1) slogan / terse word and one (1) illustration.
  6. The specification can only be signed by one participant. For this reason, participation with a co-produced work is not accepted. Photographs, slogans / phrases or illustrations that will participate in the contest must reflect the theme of intercultural dialogue in the social distance period, in accordance with the stated purpose.
  7. Participants who will send their works to the photo category are not required to apply with the newly taken photo. They can also participate in photographs from their individual archives or from the areas where they spend their social isolation processes.
  8. The photographs or illustrations should be digitally uploaded to the relevant page of the Intercultural Dialogue website by filling in the required information.
  9. To share your impressions in the Slogan category, you must write it down in a Word document and upload it by using the application form in .doc, .docx or .pdf formats.
  10. The application deadline is 17:00 on Friday, 14 August 2020.
  11. The eligibility of applications to the specifications is checked by the Intercultural Dialogue Programme.
  12. The copyright of the photographs, slogans, and illustrations that are submitted belongs to the owner of the work, and the Yunus Emre Institute will have the right for publishing, dissemination, reproduction, processing, etc. in the digital and physical media by specifying the name of the author of the Intercultural Dialogue Programme. Also, the Institute can use it, inside or outside Turkey, in Turkish or other languages in any environment and specifying the name of the author in any material content. The Intercultural Dialogue Programme and Yunus Emre Institute do not have to pay any fee to the authors for such uses.
  13. The photographs, slogans / phrases or illustrations that have been sent must not have been ranked in similar competitions held before, have not been produced by anyone else, have not been partially or wholly copied from another text and have not been published elsewhere before. All responsibility for the ownership and copyrights of the works to be included in the competition belongs to the applicants.
  14. Only the owner of the work is responsible for the content of the works participating in the competition, and the content of the work does not necessarily reflect the views of Yunus Emre Institute or the European Union.
  15. The authors waive the use of the works they send to the contest on the website of Yunus Emre Institute and Intercultural Dialogue Program and in their social media accounts, as well as in all the communication content related to this contest. Editing work can be performed on the submitted photos, slogans, or illustrations, if deemed necessary by the selection committee, or correction may be requested.
  16. Photos, illustrations or slogans received after the deadline will not be evaluated.
  17. The best impressions (winners) to be deemed worthy will be determined by the Intercultural Dialogue Programme.
  18. You can send your questions to the e-mail address



As a result of the evaluation of the Selection Committee, the first, second and third winners will be awarded a fabulous box set of intercultural dialogue publications.

Participation Calendar

Start Date: 20.07.2020

Deadline for Participation: 14.08.2020 at 17.00

Election Committee Evaluation: 26-29.08.2020

Announcement of the Results: 01.09.2020