TransLocal Exhibition by Connect for Creativity Project

TransLocal Exhibition by Connect for Creativity Project

Furtherfield, London, 12th March.

The ‘Connect for Creativity’ Project of the British Council and partners opened an exhibition of artworks created from the project’s residencies.  The exhibition, entitled ‘TransLocal Cooperation’, runs from 13th March to 19th April at the Furtherfield Gallery in the middle of Finsbury Park, London.

The choice of venue for showing the artworks is significant in that the gallery sits in the middle of a public park which is itself bounded by neighbourhoods that include communities of people of Turkish and Greek heritage.  This is relevant in that the participating artists themselves are from Turkey, Greece, as well as Serbia and the UK.  And one of the objectives of the project is to facilitate connectivity, not just between artists, but also among women, men and children in the communities served by the artists, so an open public space fits well to the objective.

Ruth Catlow, Director of Furtherfield, explains that both the gallery and the artworks are an important media for “how local concerns can inform, respond and interconnect across borders and cultures, hence the title of the show being TransLocal Cooperation”.

The artworks were produced through 12 residencies during 2019 in the four different countries.  Six pieces are on show, employing a variety of forms, including video, 3D printing, print-media, and stone-carving.

“We put together a ‘translocal’ curation team, which was very exciting.  They are working in London, but have roots in Turkey, Greece, Serbia, and UK, and to discuss with the participating artists they held ‘digital dinners’.  This involved each curator and artist preparing something from their own cuisine and then showing and explaining the food through video-conferencing.  I don’t think they ended up eating much, as after showing the foods they all engaged in a lengthy and fun online discussion!”

Ruth describes this type of network culture as being ‘emancipatory’, as it empowers the artists to visualise and share their interpretations of peoples and their cultures being displaced or modified through time.  This empowerment and understanding are at the heart of Intercultural Dialogue.

The artists exhibiting in TransLocal Cooperation are Theo Prodromidis, Ioana Man, Yağmur Uyanık, Emmy Bacharach ve Tamara Kametani.